Big E-Commerce is Shutting Down CBD Merchants & This is a Serious Problem.

We can tell you all about it — or you can ask all our clients who we’ve migrated from Shopify to Woo.


What should you pick?

My Advice?

  • Never settle for check processing. It’s a scam. In this day and age, there’s no reason you can’t be processing with credit or even debit. If the salesman offers you check processing and can’t offer credit, walk away, they’re a waste of time. Don’t give any percent of your profits to people who can’t even provide you a standardized experience.
  • Go hard. Never hide anything. Show all your cards from the start and see what’s allowed. The hidden cards will be played out on the table eventually. Most processors will work with you and advise you on what particular aspects failed their criteria. It’s easier to go back and forth a few rounds in the preliminary process, than lose profits when your site is booming due to a random spot check.
  • Have a backup plan. Make sure to have a minimum top 2, or top 3–5 options. With the flaky relationship of finance and cannabis due to federal limitations, a processor that seemed reliable for years may disappear in a day. It happened to dispensaries in Florida recently when their banking solution closed all cannabis accounts. The bank wanted to clean their slate due to a buyout from a federally regulated institution.

Still need help?

It’s not impossible!



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