How to Start a Dispensary in Oklahoma

What marijuana/cannabis businesses can you start in Oklahoma?

  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Medical Marijuana Cultivators
  • Medical Marijuana Processors

What can I do right now?

  • Read through the regulations and application requirements.
  • Setup your Marijuana Business Corporate Structure since you need to be registered to conduct business in the state for licensing approval.
  • If you’ll need investors or partners, put together a Business Plan, as they’ll definitely ask to see one.
  • Put together your Complete Licensing Package and submit it to the state for approval.
  • Contact a cannabis consultant like Sapling

How To Open a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Oklahoma

How To Grow/Cultivate Medical Marijuana Legally in Oklahoma

How To Start a Medical Marijuana Processing Business In Oklahoma

The latest marijuana industry news, laws, & frequently asked questions for Oklahoma.




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Alex Collins

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