If You’re Doing Less than $5k a Month in Online Sales, then You Need to Read This.

More Traffic

Organic Traffic

Paid Traffic

Higher Conversion

  • Where are your visitors spending the most time on your website?
  • How long do they spend on your website?
  • How many pages do they click through on your site?
  • How often do they re-visit your website (if at all?)
  • What products are they viewing?
  • What pages do they exit on your website?
  1. Prospect to lead: In this conversion, you’re turning a website visitor into a potential lead. Visitor A lands on a page of your website and sees that you have a mailing list. He or she signs up. That’s a conversion.
  2. Lead to customer: The more important conversion occurs when a lead buys something from you. He or she might follow you on social, read your blog, check out your marketing emails, and finally hand over the cash for whatever you’re selling.
  • Show social proof & testimonials. Test these with different mediums such as video, reviews, or DM screenshots on your landing pages & product pages.
  • Increase the length of your landing pages.
  • Include imagery of customers using your products or services.

Repeat Orders

  • Added items to carts 65.16% more than first time visitors
  • Converted 73.72% more than first time visitors
  • Spent 16.15% more per transaction



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