Millennials are Abandoning the Gig Economy for the Trades

What is the Gig Economy?

Types of Gig Workers

  • Freelancers: Perform services for multiple clients.
  • Consultants: Provide guidance to clients.
  • Independent contractors: Appear similar to traditional employees but are independent.
  • Temps: Temporary independent contract workers.
  • Seasonal workers: Provide temporary services as independent contractors.

What are the Downsides of Working in the Gig Economy?

Why The Trades May Be the Answer Millennials are Searching For

Job Security

Minimal Student Debt

The Trades Provide Real Value in Society

The Trades Pay Well

Work for a Reputable Company in the Trades

  • Continuously training & providing education & mentorship opportunities to it’s employees
  • Provides benefits beyond a wage (i.e., insurance, vacation time, performance bonuses, retirement, etc.)
  • Holds values similar to your own
  • Listens to employee feedback & adjusts accordingly
  • Reinvesting in the growth of the organization
  • Provides opportunities for advancement

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