R410a Refrigerant Shortages & Price Increases Causing Problems for the HVAC Industry — Future R410a Phase Out Planned by EPA

Why is There Currently a Refrigerant Shortage?

EPA Issues HFC Refrigerant Allowances for 2022

To ensure compliance with the phasedown limits, this final rule:

  • Establishes an electronic tracking system for the movement of HFCs through commerce;
  • Requires the use of refillable cylinders and container labeling requirements;
  • Establishes administrative consequences (e.g., revocation or retirement of allowances) for noncompliance that would be in addition to any civil and criminal enforcement action;
  • Requires third-party auditing of companies’ recordkeeping and reporting; and
  • Provides transparency of HFC production and consumption data for the general public and participants in the market, and supports enforcement and compliance efforts.

What is Refrigerant?

What is Replacing R410a Refrigerants?

How Will the Refrigerant Shortage Affect Homeowners?

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