SEO Agency Starts 30 Day Startup Challenge

The company, founded by digital marketing guru Alex Collins, is focusing on providing search engine optimization and search engine marketing services for businesses and entrepreneurs in the cannabis, hemp, & CBD industries.

Sapling Logo (

Sapling’s sales division, headed by Robert Watson, is expected to close the first sale by the end of the 30 day period. When reaching out for comment, Robert notes “We have high expectations for the first quarter. With experience in the SEO & web design field already, we expect to generate a nice revenue stream, and a significant profit for 2019.”

With the industry budding and sprouting in so many states, and the recent passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, Sapling expects a large influx of prospects and clients.

The agency plans to focus their efforts on SEO, helping cannabis companies grow, increase their Google rankings, and scale their search engine marketing efforts.

Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

“We’re excited about new opportunities and possibilities. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and we can’t wait to expand our business in 2019 with these industries.” Alex — Sapling CEO

To visit the sapling website, please visit



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