Targeting Search Terms in the Cannabis Industry: What Dispensaries & Brands Should Know

1. Focus on “dispensary near me.”

2. Leverage CTA’s in your meta descriptions.

3. Develop workarounds for iFrame menus.

4. Inform your audience.

Bold and Unclear Claims

Questionable Tactics and Strategy

Meta Data

Link Building

Search Engine Submissions

Anything ‘Secret’ or ‘Quick-Fix’ Recommendations

Confusing or Sketchy Website

Too Good to Be True Pricing

What to Look for in a Good SEO Service

  • They communicate with you. A good SEO will ask questions about your industry, competitors, target audience, and business goals. They’ll want to understand the full picture to determine how they can use their expertise to improve your business.
  • Their website uses human language. The content is clear, their services make sense, and you’re not having to look up every word’s definition and essentially learn SEO on your own. At the very least, there should be an SEO glossary to help you better understand some of the terminology.
  • You can trust them. Browsing around the website will make it easy to see how authentic the business is. Look for accolades, client testimonials, media mentions, information about the person/people behind the scenes, and companies they’ve worked with.
  • Their reputation isn’t tarnished. Google can help you here; simply do some searches for the company/person’s name to make sure they’re not flagged on sites like the Better Business Bureau or from an angry ex-customer’s social feed. As we all know, bad behavior rarely escapes the scorn of the internet.




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