What is the Ideal Thermostat Temperature Setting?

Best Thermostat Temperature Settings for Winter

You can save energy & save money in the winter by setting the thermostat to 68°F while you’re awake and setting it lower while you’re asleep or away from home.

Best Thermostat Temperature Settings for Summer

It turns out that the best indoor temperature for your home during the summer months is 78 degrees, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. If that temperature falls outside your desired comfort level, then there are several ways to adjust your home’s climate without causing your energy bill to spike. Keep in mind, each degree set above 72 can save you up to 3% on your monthly utility bills.

Best Thermostat Temperature Settings While on Vacation

If you plan on leaving your home for extended periods of time, then it is best to either program your thermostat to run at higher temperatures in the summer, or colder than normal in the winter. If you leave for more than 8 hours at a time but your thermostat is set to the same temperature, you’ll be paying to heat or cool an empty house. These days, many smart thermostats even allow you to control the temperature settings from your phone or tablet while you are away.



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