Why Content Marketing is the Future of the Cannabis Industry

If I had to start over today, penniless, with a bankrupted business, I wouldn’t focus my attention on, or even attempt to restart my business. No, If I had to start over today, I would focus all of my attention on the cannabis industry. Specifically, content marketing in the cannabis industry.

Content marketing is a way that small entry level players have a chance at competing against giants. It’s because of content marketing that a chiropractor who owns a business, Dr. Axe, was able to turn his one man shop as an underpaid healthcare provider, into a $100 million dollar empire. It was through this sweat equity that brands are able to have a real spotlight.

One of my companies, Jeweler Social provides digital marketing services for jewelry stores. From day one, I was focused on content marketing after growing my families retail jewelry store to a multi million dollar business through content marketing. Keeping that in mind, I was able to focus my attention to keywords that I knew my ideal customer would be searching for, and was able to structure my content around that. Keeping with that method, I was able to infiltrate a small niche competing against established giants. This year, we’ll do over half a million in revenue.

Sapling was created with the cannabis brand in mind. Our focus is on holistic marketing in the cannabis industry, specifically content marketing & SEO. With an industry that has so few outlets to be able to market your products & services, it’s a perfect channel for small players to succeed. With content marketing, a sole entrepreneur can venture out and create a multi million dollar business on content alone. You don’t need venture capitalists, rich parents, or investors. With only an open mind, & a keyboard, you can create a million dollar cannabis startup.